Dental Laboratory Assistants work for Dental Technicians, Dental Prosthetists and sometimes Dentists. The Dental Laboratory Assistant’s role includes a variety of duties that are focused on the fabrication of fixed and removable dental appliances. They work closely with the Dental Technician and construct some of the appliances that a Dental Technician manufactures.

A Dental Laboratory Assistant is a member of the dental team whose skills include the design and construction of dental appliances including dental models, registration rims for denture construction, impression trays, mouth guards and some other thermoformed appliances. Under the supervision of a Dental Technician, they work from a written prescription from the Dental Prosthetist, Dentist or Specialist Dentist. The Dental Laboratory Assistant translates two-dimensional design diagrams and written instructions into three-dimensional products according to accepted biological and mechanical principles.



A Dental Laboratory Assistant career would be a good entry level dentistry position for you if you like working with tools and equipment, can apply a high level of attention to detail and precision (accurate), have good time management (efficient) and possess good eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.

In addition, if you have an artistic ability to construct form and design you have some of the qualities that make you well suited to pursue a Dental laboratory Assistant career.


As part of dental laboratory services, a Dental Laboratory Assistant career in Australia may include:

– Receive and interpret written orders from a Dental Prosthetist or Dentist;

– Make plaster and stone models of the mouth and teeth from impressions that have been taken by a

Dental Prosthetist or Dentist;

– Construct custom impression trays for the Dental Prosthetist or Dentist to use;

– Build up wax replicas of part or all of the mouth and/or teeth using the model;

Entry Requirements:

Have completed an equivalent secondary schooling level of a School Certificate (year 10 minimum required)

QUALIFICATION                   Certificate III in Dental Laboratory Assisting (HLT35115)

TRAINING PACKAGE          Health (HLT07) Nationally Recognised Training

DURATION                             6 Months

FEES                                        The following table outlines the fees schedule:

Application Fee (non-refundable) A$100
Tuition FeesMaterial Fees A$7,500  A$500


 Application Process

To be considered a place at Charles Institute of Technology, you need to complete an enrolment form, pay a non-refundable fee of $100 registration fee (GST inclusive),  your tuition fees and entry requirement evidence.

After receiving your enrolment form, entry requirement evidence, tuition fees, and signed terms and conditions on the application form, a Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued to you.

 Unit of competency


HLTDET001       Construct models

HLTDET002      Construct custom impression trays

HLTDET003       Construct registration rims

HLTDET004       Articulate models and transfer records

HLTDET005        Construct thermoformed bases and appliances

CHCCOM005      Communicate and work in health or community services

HLTINF001         Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

HLTWHS003      Maintain work health and safety

HLTAID003        Provide first aid

CHCDIV001        Work with diverse people

BSBWOR204      Use business technology




To be  awarded  with  the Certificate III in Laboratory Assisting students  must  complete  11  units of competency of this qualification.