Welcome to Charles Institute of Technology Australia
We are a modern RTO that provides training in dental technology. We deliver the Diploma of Dental Technology HLT55118 in Australia which was developed in conjunction with the dental professions to train and educate students in the field of Dental Technology.

Dental patients seldom see a dental technician, yet the dental technician performs a critical role in successful dental care provided by the dental team. The dental technician uses the clinician’s impressions (moulds) of the patient’s mouth to create dentures and bridges to replace teeth; crowns and veneers to protect teeth; or orthodontic appliances to straighten teeth. A dental technician works with a wide variety of materials, including alloys, ceramics, and plastics, to create these restorative and corrective tools. Generally, dental technicians work in a private dental laboratory, a private health clinic or for a federal or state government dental clinic. They may also work in education, research or sales. In a health care setting, they work with special machinery to create customised dental appliances for a patient, following the directions from a clinician’s prescription to build the appliance.

Do you like building things? Do you want to be part of the dental team? Then you should consider becoming a dental technician. Successful dental technicians work well with others, are understanding and compassionate with patients, and follow detailed instructions well.

At the Charles Institute, you will be using the very latest in technology including the latest computer generated milling and sintering devices. Your teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience both in teaching and professional practice. You will graduate from the college with skills that will make you very employable.

I hope that you consider the Charles Institute of Technology as your first step into the world of dentistry by joining the profession of dental technology.

The Diploma of Dental Technology at the Charles Institute can be a standalone career or a pathway to more advanced courses in dental technology or dental prosthetics.