Download your Form here:  ENROLMENT FORM

To enroll in a course as an overseas student at CIT, applicants must complete a Student Enrolment Form.

Please read the 33 page CIT international student information booklet and ESOA page of CIT the website.

The form should be completed in full and submitted by mail, fax or email with payment to:

The Registrar

Charles Institute of Technology Australia

P O Box 5212

West Chatswood NSW 1515, AUSTRALIA

Fax: 61 2 9412 3555

Email: info@cit.nsw.edu.au

The application for enrolment must be accompanied by:

  • evidence of IELTS proficiency (General Score of 5.5) or equivalent
  • evidence of  High School Certificate or equivalent secondary schooling

Your application will be reviewed by our Registrar for completeness.

If you are already in Australia and have not yet been assessed for English language proficiency, you should locate a testing centre located near you.

IELTS Testing Centre online search

CIT undertakes to make training available to all persons who:

–         Complete the CIT enrolment form (available on request);

–         Agree to abide by CIT’s expectation of students; and

–         Make payment of fees before the commencement of training.