Course Fees

Fees are payable when the student has signed the student agreement to signify their acceptance of enrolment offer made by Charles Institute of Technology.  Fees must be paid within 10 days of receiving an invoice from CIT. CIT may discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.

Students are required to pay a registration fee of AU$250 on application and a minimum 25% of total course fees on successful admission to a program. The balance of fees payable for the course must be paid at least 14 days prior to the commencement of each stage/ semester unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing.

The following table outlines the fees schedule:

  • Application Fee:  AU$250 (non-refundable)
  • Tuition Fee :  AU$30,000
  • Material Fee: AU$2,000

Compulsory additional costs:

  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Bank Transfer Fee: AU$30
  • Safe hard toed leather shoes: Cost is variable as students can source from many places

Possible additional Fees:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning: A$600 per unit of competency
  • Assessment (Theory) re-sit fee: A$200 per unit of competency
  • assessment (Practical) re-sit fee: A$350 per unit of competency
  • Replacement of text book fee: $130

Student cancellation

Students who cancel their enrolment part way through a training program must notify CIT in writing at the soonest opportunity if consideration of fee reimbursement is required. Once CIT is notified a refund will be issued for the component of training not commenced. CIT is entitled to retain fees for any component of the course completed up until the point of notification by the student cancellation.

Replacement of text and learning resources

Students who require replacement of issued text or learning resources will be liable for additional charges to cover the cost of replacement. CIT purchases its text books via the Co-Op Bookshop which is an online book store. With postage and handling the cost of a replacement text is approximately AU$130.00. Please refer to the Co-Op Bookshop for further details:


Students who cancel their enrolment before the commencement of a training program will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid. Requests for refunds will be processed and transacted at the end of each month in which the cancelation notification was received.

Where a student cancels, CIT will not refund monies for the text unless a written request for a refund is received and CIT is satisfied that the text is in as-new condition.

A$100 processing fee applies to all refunds except when a student visa is refused or a CIT course is cancelled. Course fee refunds are calculated from the date a written refund application is received, on the following basis only:

  • CIT will refund 100 percent of the course fee paid if your application for a visa to study in Australia is rejected.
  • CIT will refund 100 percent of the course fee paid if the course you have enrolled in is cancelled by CIT.
  • CIT will refund 70 percent of the course fee paid if you withdraw from the course 4 weeks (28 days) or more before the commencement date of course of study.
  • CIT will refund 50 percent of the course fee paid if you withdraw within the final 4 weeks (28 days) before the commencement date of course of study.
  • There will be no course fee refund on or after the commencement date of course of study.

No refund will be paid to a third party unless the student indicates the name and address of the person to whom the refund should be paid. If no name and address is provided, the refund will be sent to the student’s home address.

All applications for refunds must be made using an application for refund of course fees. These are available from the Registrar.

If CIT cancels the course, the Institute will refund 100 percent of the tuition fees to the student.

If a student cancels the course prior to arrival in Australia, the Health Cover Premium paid will be refunded in full. The Premium is not refundable after arrival in Australia.

All refunds will be made in Australian Dollars without any accrued interest.

If a student’s visa is cancelled due to poor attendance or any other form of misconduct, then no fee will be refunded.

CIT reserves the right to take further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Laws.

Refunds approved in accordance with this policy will be paid within four weeks of the Registrar receiving a written claim from a student.

There may be grounds for refunds under “Exceptional Circumstances” and which may affect either a full or partial refund of a student’s tuition fee, including:

  • Death of a student or a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse or child)
  • Political, civil or natural event

Where this policy does not adequately cover a particular circumstance, CIT may consider an individual’s case. The final decision rests with the Chief Executive Officer of CIT or his nominee.

In the unlikely event CIT is unable to offer the course, or provide a refund, the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) will help eligible students find another provider that offers a similar course so they can continue their studies. If a student is unable to be placed in a suitable replacement course, the TPS will refund eligible tuition fees.

Payment method

Charles Institute of Technology accepts payment for fees using:

  • BPAY – Biller Code: 200204  – Customer Reference Number (CRN) – Available by request
  • Electronic Funds Transfer ( Bank account details  below)

           Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
           Account Name: Charles Institute of Technology Australia Pty Ltd
           BSB Number: 062-844
          Account Number: 1010 1776

  • Cheque (made payable to Charles Institute of Technology)
  • Bank Draft – all cheques drawn from overseas are to include the fees associated with the draft.
  • International Money Transfer – must include funds to pay for the receipt of the money transfer (AUD$30) Please make payment in Australian Dollars (AUD) to:
    • BSB Number: 062-844
    • Account Number: 1010 1776
    • Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
    • Address: 443 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067
    • Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Payment in cash and credit card are discouraged.